FIT Senior Design 2017

Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

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Florida Tech


This page contains all of the documentation for the FIT senior design team, contact information for the team, as well as more detailed discussions of the design and implementation. Access to reports, requirements, and testing may be found at the bottom of the page.

For many of us this is our second year on the project. Last year we researched the sensors and software necessary to build the robot, and built a prototype. This year we will build a competition-worthy robot and compete.

FIT Students

Name Major
Brent Allard* Computer Science
Adam Hill* Computer Science
Christopher Kocsis* Computer Science
Rohit Kumar* Computer Engineering
William Nyffenegger* Computer Science & Applied Math
Matthew Salfer-Hobbs* Mechanical Engineering
Kartikeya Sharma* Computer Engineering

Special mention to Paul Kepinski (Mechanical, Spring 2016) who is advising the team.

* Senior design project this year


Our code is not currently available online and will not be until after the competition this year. However, we will include documentation for our sensors and hardware as the year progresses.

We are using a tool named JAUS Tool Set to help generate the framework needed for interoperability: JTS Users Guide


The reports submitted by the team during the course of the year will be listed below.

Program Plans

Planning Documents

Requirements Document Design Document Testing Document
Requirements Design Test


User Manual Demo Video
Doxygen Demo

Fall 2016

Milestone Deliverables
Milestone One (10/3/2016) Presentation / Progress Evaluation
Milestone Two (10/31/2016) Presentation / Progress Evaluation
Milestone Three (11/28/2016) Presentation / Progress Evaluation

Spring 2017

Milestone Deliverables
Milestone Four (2/13/2017) Presentation / Progress Evaluation
Milestone Five (3/20/2017) Presentation / Progress Evaluation
Senior Design Showcase (4/7/2017) Poster / E-Book / Project Overview
Milestone Six (4/17/2017) Presentation / Progress Evaluation / User Manual / Demo Video